True Hardened Underground Bunker / Vaulted Storage Designed for Electronic Data and Backup Tape Media

All Facilities Exceed Compliance requirements for HIPAA, SOX, FACTA as well as being one of the only PCI Certified facilities in the country

Did you know?

  • 8 of the 10 largest U.S. catastrophes have occurred in the last four years
  • 90% of companies experiencing a catastrophic loss of data and equipment without a disaster recovery plan are out of business within 2 years.
  • 43% of businesses suffering a disaster never recover sufficiently to resume business
  • Of those that do reopen, only 29% are still operating two years later
  • 50% of business that found themselves without their data for 10 days or longer filed bankruptcy immediately
  • 32% of data loss is due to human error
  • A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds
  • A survey by Tech Republic of 1,300 IT professionals reported:
  • 87% claim their company‚Äôs IT systems lack the redundancies or protection needed to guard against a disaster
  • Less than 10% reported their company has a documented and up-to-date disaster plan
  • Estimates say that as much as 80% of critical data is not managed sufficiently to insure business continuity